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Benefits of QMA Methodology


'Why should they learn Abacus when we have calculators?'

'Is learning Abacus useful?' 

'What if my child don't like Abacus?'

Do you want your child to excel in calculating at fast speed? 

We heard you, mummies and daddies! Thinking if its worthwhile to invest in a whole term of enrichment fees not knowing if your child will like/benefit fully from it? Don't fret anymore.

Learning abacus & mental Arithmetic allow children to be more focus and enhance their creativity in school! It is fun, easy and enriching for their brain development~ Through abacus training, it will stimulate your child's both right and left brain.




We are inclined to let all parents know how Abacus can really help your child when they enter Primary School. Join the trial lessons to find out now!


Now, we present free trial lessons for all new student to find out more about our course and if your child will like it!



We don't do it often but when we do, we assure all parents here your child will learn the best out of it!

People who have mastered QMA's two-hand abacus and mental arithmetic have been known to demonstrate marked improvements in the following areas: